Michigan Teen drivers cell phone law

New Michigan Teen Drivers Cell phone law

According to state law, Michigan teen drivers with restricted licenses won’t be able to use a cellphone while driving. It doesn’t apply to a voice-operated, or a hands-free system integrated into a vehicle.

The law affects Level 1 and Level 2 drivers under the state’s graduated licensing system. Level 1 is a learner’s license with the most restrictions; Level 2 drivers have restrictions on the number of passengers and nighttime driving. A teen must be at least 17 and have at least six months of driving experience at Level 2 to qualify for a Level 3 or unrestricted driver’s license. This law does not apply to 17-year-olds who advanced to level 3 (unrestricted) licensing.

Fines for cell phone violations by teens are up to $100 plus possible license suspension, at the discretion of local courts. The Michigan teen drivers probationary license period also could be extended. No points.

Michigan teen drivers fines:

If the police catch a Michigan teen driver, the violations are considered civil infractions. It will be a primary offense, which means police can pull over the teens without any other cause.

  • Text messaging outlawed for all drivers. Fines $100 (first offense) and then $200.
  • Drivers under age 18 with Level 1 or 2 learner’s permits prohibited from the use of cell phones. Fine $100 with a possible extension of the probationary license period.

Exceptions for Michigan teen drivers to use cell phones:

  • Reporting a traffic accident.
  • They are reporting a  medical emergency.
  • Serious road hazard.
  • Situations in which a driver’s safety is in jeopardy or a crime.

Michigan teen drivers are not the only people that the recent law changes affect. In Detroit, drivers making cell phone calls must use hands-free devices. Click Michigan Texting Ban to get more information on what Michigan cities you can’t use a cell phone in a while driving.

House Bill 4254: Amends distracted driving laws by adding school bus drivers to handheld cell phone ban for commercial drivers. Defines handheld cell phone use, including “reaching for a mobile phone.” This amendment means Drivers of commercial motor vehicles and school buses also cannot use a cell phone or they will face fines for $100 (first offense) and then $200.

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