Denied Michigan Commercial Auto InsuranceWhat To Do when Denied Michigan auto insurance

Michigan auto insurance is mandatory by the Michigan No-Fault law for all drivers. Michigan No-Fault law created the Michigan Auto Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF) to provide insurance to meet this requirement when you can’t get it through a traditional carrier.  If you are ineligible for your company’s coverage, click the link below to get a quote with MAIPF. 

MAIPF guarantees that automobile insurance coverage will be available to any person who cannot get insurance through regular companies. The MAIPF is not a government program; it’s a State Pool.  The pool spreads costs and servicing high-risk applicants across all insurance companies and uses Amerisure as the Commercial Carrier.

What Types of Commercial auto need commercial auto insurance

  • For Hire: A commercial auto policy must insure any vehicle that transports people for a fee. This includes taxis, limousines, and shuttles, and non-emergency medical transport vehicles. Some ridesharing vehicles might require commercial coverage.
  • Business Auto: Vehicles are driven by employees or used for business activities, such as visiting clients or making deliveries, usually need commercial auto insurance. Personal auto insurance usually doesn’t cover vehicles used for work purposes.
  • Utility Vehicles: Contractors need commercial auto coverage for transporting various tools and supplies and traveling between job sites. 

How much are Michigan insurance rates through the (MAIPF)

Commercial Auto insurance rates are higher; however, there are limits to how much an auto insurance company can charge you. Rates tend to be higher than what a regular company may charge because Commercial Risks cost more to insure.  MAIPF Commercial Auto policies require you to pay an initial deposit of 25% of your total premium but may require 50% to bind coverage immediately.

What Carriers Provide Commercial Auto insurance with MAIPF

After receiving your application, the MAIPF will notify you of which company will be your new policy provider. The insurance company that is the servicing provider for MAIPF for Commercial Insurance is Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company.

Who is eligible for the Michigan Auto Insurance Placement Facility?

Any Commercial auto that is denied coverage through the voluntary car insurance market may be eligible for the MAIPF Commercial Auto program. 

Where to get a quote if your insurance company denies you insurance:

Finally, If you have a problem with MAIPF and they cannot answer your question, contact the Department of Insurance and Financial Services

You can get auto insurance coverage provided by the MAIPF website by filling out your information to get a Michigan auto insurance quote.