Michigan church insurance

Why Does your Michigan Church need Insurance?

Your Michigan church is vital to your congregation and the surrounding community. Michigan church insurance provides a specialized package of insurance coverage’s specifically designed for houses of worship and religious organizations.

One of the most important parts of church insurance is property coverage. The church insurance protection is important in covering either your building or the contents inside. This coverage is critical if you rent or own the building in which you operate your church.

Michigan Church Insurance Property Coverage

Property coverage includes such items as your buildings, contents, signs, property in the open, and fences. Your policy will automatically include coverage for standard items, along with many non-standard items, such as the following:

  • Equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers, and electrical equipment.
  • Pastor’s personal property.
  • Stained glass windows.

Michigan Churches can purchase insurance plans that can help churches repair or replace property damaged or lost in a fire, theft, or wind storm. Usually, there will be two types of property protection coverage: market value and replacement cost.

  • Market value plans: usually come with a lower monthly premium and reimburse you for the damaged property’s depreciated value.
  • Replacement cost plans: cost a bit more, but should property damage occur, you can replace the items with new ones at current market cost.

Here are some things a church insurance plan can cover:

  • Your church. This includes fixtures (like lighting) and furnishings (like pews, appliances, toilets, etc.).
  • Equipment. This might include your sound or amplification system and the computer network you likely use to manage services.
  • Supplies. These might include Sunday School textbooks, Bibles, paper, pens, choir robes, candles, recreational equipment, etc.

Michigan churches may have fine art items (such as paintings, tapestries,), stained glass, ornamental woodwork or tiles, musical instruments (pianos, organs or drums), and other items that may not be covered under a standard church insurance policy. Because of this, you may want to add special endorsements to your church insurance policy to make sure these special items are covered.

Michigan Church Liability Coverage

General Liability coverage protects the church against claims of bodily injury or property damage arising out of its premises or operations for which the church may be legally liable. It also protects the church against liability for personal and advertising injury offenses, such as libel and slander.

Those afforded General Liability protection include church members, employees, officials, staff, and volunteers acting on behalf of the church.

Michigan Church Optional coverage:

  • Non-owned and hired auto liability
  • Directors, officers and trustees officers liability: If your church or religious organization is run by a board of directors or officers (e.g., a church council, a board of elders, a board of ministry, etc.). This endorsement protects your church from claims made as a result of an action that a director, officers, or board member made on behalf of the church.
  • You may have to insure Church vehicles under separate coverage.

If your church has employees, your church insurance will not cover workers compensation if your employees have an injury at the church. Usually, the church will need a separate policy. Please click our worker’s compensation link for more information on what is covered under a Michigan workers compensation policy.

A Michigan church policy can be started with a phone call 248-888-1134, or you can visit our site, Michigan Church Insurance quote for more information.