Michigan teen driver requirementsWhat you need to get a Michigan Graduated Teen Drivers License

Michigan’s teen driver’s license training is split into two segments and is mandatory for all teen drivers under age 18.

Drivers will have to take a Segment 1 driver education class before the driver begins supervised driving. It requires a minimum of 24 hours of classroom instruction, a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. And a minimum of four hours of observation time in a training vehicle. Before beginning Segment 1, a teen must be 14 years, eight months of age, and have parent/guardian permission.

Michigan young drivers age requirements

  • The teen must be at least 14 years, eight months old to apply for the Level 1 license.
  • Must have a Certificate of Completion for Segment 1

Drivers must present proof of:

  • A Social Security number or letter of ineligibility
  • U.S. citizenship Identity
  • Michigan residency
  • Parent/guardian signature required on the application
  • Pass vision screening required by Secretary of State

Michigan teen Level 1 Driver Requirements

  • Obtain Level 1 License at a Secretary of State branch office
  • May only drive with licensed parent/guardian or designated licensed adult age 21 or older
  • Parent/guardian or designated adult should sit in the front seat
  • If driving with a designated adult, the driver should carry a signed letter of authorization from parent/guardian

Michigan Level 2 teen drivers Intermediate License

Segment 2 driver education begins after the driver has held a valid Level 1 License for at least three continuous months and has acquired 30 hours of driving experience time, including a minimum of two hours of night driving. Segment 2 includes a minimum of six hours of classroom instruction.

Michigan level 2 drivers license requirements

  • The teen is at least 16 years old
  • Meet physical and medical licensing standards
  • Possessed a Level 1 License for six months
  • Completed Segment 1 and 2 of an approved driver education program
  • Passed a driving skills test and presented a skills test certificate
  • Must show proof of legal presence. (Proof of a Social Security number, identity, and provide Michigan residency proof if you did not show it at Level 1.)
  • Completed a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving time, including 10 hours at night
  • Must be violation and suspension free, and have no at-fault crashes during the 90 days before applying for the Level 2 License
  • Have a parent or legal guardian sign the application and certify the minimum 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience


Between midnight and 5 a.m., the teen must drive with a designated licensed adult over age 21 unless driving to and from employment

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