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Michigan Insurance serves as a general reference source for consumers to make Michigan insurance easier to understand.

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Michigan insurance is a source for all of your insurance information in Michigan.  It serves as a general reference source for consumers on information related to different kinds of insurance in Michigan.  This site also provides resources related to the insurance industry in Michigan. You can click on the links for a quick guide to further information on the different insurance policies available in Michigan.

Michigan auto insurance is mandatory for all registered vehicles and driving without insurance is a violation which could lead to a financial responsibility filing if you were to get into an accident without insurance. We will have posts that will show you the ins and outs of the Michigan no-fault auto insurance system.   We will show you what is covered under your Michigan insurance policies and what is not covered, and the penalties if you go without Michigan auto insurance.  Home buyers if you get a mortgage, your mortgage company will require that you carry Michigan homeowners insurance.  Apartment complexes may require Michigan renters insurance when you sign a lease.  Michigan flood insurance maybe required if you live in a flood zone, and if you are an Michigan employer you will be required to carry Michigan workers compensation insurance.

Michigan insurance informationMichigan insurance information available:

Is to make Michigan insurance easier to understand.  We realize that insurance is sometimes technical and we would like to explain it better.  We will explain the different types of policies, show you what is required and any discounts if they are available. We will also provide safety tips to help make you and your home safer to live in. This is why we created the Michigan Insurance Information Source site. If you are new to the Michigan area and are currently looking for insurance, or already have it, but you are not satisfied with your agent, because they haven’t properly explained your coverages. Our site will show you what Michigan discounts you are eligible for.  This insurance site will help to explain your Michigan coverages and can also refer you to an agent on our staff who will do a great job of taking care of your Michigan insurance needs.

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We can refer you to a local Michigan insurance agency that can  provide 24*7 service, they can be reached @ 248-888-1134 to be immediately connected to a representative who can give you a quote, or start a Michigan Insurance policy.  If you are moving to the area they will take the time to explain all your insurance coverage to you.  Out of state transfers to Michigan are welcome.

Connect with a Michigan agent online for a quote 24*7 @ Michigan insurance agent.

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