Michigan workers comp claim form

What is Michigan Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is the system used to provide wage replacement, medical, and rehabilitation benefits to workers who suffer a work injury. The State of Michigan does not pay workers’ compensation benefits. Most employers in Michigan need to purchase an insurance policy from a private insurance company, or they can authorize to self-insure.

What are Medical Claims with Michigan Workers Compensation

If you have an injury on the job, report the injury to your employer immediately. Medical benefits should start from the day of injury. During the first 28 days of treatment, your employer has the right to choose the doctor. After that, you are free to change doctors providing that you notify your employer and insurance company, preferably in writing. You do not need authorization from the insurance company or your employer to seek treatment at a hospital, as long as the treatment is reasonable and necessary, and your claim is not in dispute.

How to File a Michigan Workers Compensation Claim

If your employer does not file a claim for you, you may file form WC-117 with the Agency. If the insurance company or self-insured employer disputes your claim, you may need to submit a form WC-104A, Application for Mediation, or Hearing.

When do Michigan Workers Compensation benefits start

There is a seven-day waiting period to be eligible for wage-loss benefits. If your wage loss is longer than seven consecutive days (including weekends and holidays), you can receive benefits on the eighth day. If wage loss is 14 days or longer, you can receive a payment for that first week of disability. Weekly benefits are roughly 80 percent of your after-tax wages.

Penalties for Michigan Employers who do not have Workers compensation

  • Workers hurt on the job can sue the employer for damages in the civil court system. If the employer was at fault for the injury, this might result in a big payout by the employer.
  • The Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency actively enforces the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act. The Agency can petition the court and seek an order prohibiting the company from employing any persons in their business until they obtain proper workers’ compensation insurance coverage.
  • Finally, employers could be subject to fines of $1,000 or face imprisonment of 30 days to six months. Each day the employer does not have insurance is a separate offense.  

Finally, Michigan employers can click the link to find out how to get Michigan Workers Compensation Insurance.