New Drivers license and state id cards are in Michigan

Michigan Driver LicenseThe basic look of the new Michigan driver’s license and ID card includes an intricate line pattern and outline of the state of Michigan with the Great Lakes. If a person has joined the Michigan Organ Donor Registry, a red heart symbol and the word “Donor” will appear on the lower portion of the card.

Features of the new license and ID card include:

The state’s Great Seal on the front viewable under black light.

Tricolor image of a bridge on the front that appears and disappears when viewed from different angles.

A new two-dimensional bar code on the back with encoded information available for law enforcement use, in addition to the existing magnetic stripe and one-dimensional bar code.

Cardholder’s photo and date of birth also on the back viewable under black light

Laser-perforated with the word “MICH” on it.

Michigan requirements for people under 21

People who are 21 years old and older will receive the traditional horizontal version.

Visit our post on Michigan Teen Graduated driver’s license to view the rules that apply to teens who are trying to get a new Michigan license.

Because licenses and ID cards are valid for four years, the existing card design will remain in circulation through 2015, with some vertical Graduated Driver License cards through 2016.  Cardholders will be issued a new license when they renew or if they need to replace a lost or damaged card.

The cost of a license and ID card will not change.  A basic license costs $25 for an original standard license and $18 to renew.  A chauffeur’s license costs $35 for the original and to renew it.  Drivers with motorcycle or Commercial Driver License group designation endorsements face additional fees.  Personal ID cards cost $9  unless the cardholder is eligible to have the fee waived.

Common sites for Michigan’s Secretary of State.

SOS – Enhanced Driver License and State ID

Enhanced License and State ID Card to travel to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or the Caribbean.

SOS – Teen Graduated License requirements

Teen requirements to get their driver’s license or state ID.

SOS – Change of Address, Voter Registration

Michigan law requires that your driver’s license address match the address on your voter registration card.

How do I replace a lost or stolen driver’s license?

Replace a lost or stolen driver’s license.

How do I apply for an original Commercial Driver License (CDL)?

For a CDL Group B or C license, you only the general knowledge written test.  You have to take a written test for each CDL endorsement.

How do I apply for a Michigan Chauffer’s License?

To obtain a chauffeur license, you must be at least 16 years of age, have completed driver education (if under age 18), and passed a chauffeur license knowledge test. 

Finally, for more information on how these changes affect your Michigan insurance, contact a local agent to get a Michigan auto insurance quote.