Does Your Michigan Home Have a Home Inventory in case of a loss

Michigan home inventory
Michigan Home Inventory

Everyone knows we need one, but we do not take the time to create or update a home inventory of our personal property. It may not sound like an exciting activity, but in the event of a total loss such as a fire, burglary, flood or tornado, a current home inventory can help with the insurance claim process.

Sit down and try to make a detailed list of what’s in each room of your dwelling. It’s amazingly hard to remember all the “stuff” that accumulates – wall hangings, curtains, cookware, clothing, sports gear, jewelry, knick-knacks, rugs, clocks, etc.

  • This weekend you can start by taking a video or photo each room and list major items on paper.
  • Record brand, model, date and amount of purchase, if possible (serial numbers are important on some items).
  • Save receipts or scan into an app all major purchase or electronics.
  • Antiques and jewelry may require written descriptions or appraisals. These items may require special coverage on your homeowner’s policy.  Call your agent to make sure that these items are covered. 

Make a Video home inventory record

Having a home inventory can help you if you were to have a homeowners insurance claim. An easy and cost-effective way to inventory your home is to take a Video Camera and go to through your house videotaping everything inside.  It is important for you to remember to keep the copy of this file at a separate location so it is not damaged if something happens to your home.

These lists are great tools to help organize your records. Finally, remember the most important rule is to update your inventory every year. You do not want to leave the only record in your home. Taking the time to make and update your inventory now, can help you in working with your insurer later and maximizing your recovery should you have the need.

An inventory is worthless if don’t have access to it. If you save your home inventory list on your own computer, create a back up in a different location. 

  • Save your home inventory to the cloud or an internet storage app such as dropbox.
  • Print your inventory and save it somewhere safe outside of your home.
  • E-mail your inventory to yourself or a family member and save it electronically.

Home inventory software:

Microsoft offers free home inventory templates. Or you can download a number of different home inventory apps on your phone.

If your agent has not provided this service contact a local Michigan homeowners agent to see how having a home inventory helps your homeowners insurance. Finally, for information on your Michigan home or to see what is covered under a Michigan Homeowner’s Policy visit the highlighted link.

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