Computer Coverage provided by your Michigan Homeowners Policy

Michigan computer coverageMichigan Homeowners policies does not cover accidental damage

Accidental damage to your computer can be expensive to repair. The cost of repairing accidental damage can start off at $200 up to the total cost of your computer. Accidents can occur on your laptop. Whether its a classmate spilling pop on your keyboard or you accidentally dropping your laptop. Extra coverage is available.

Michigan Personal Articles Policy needed for broader computer coverage:

Michigan insurance companies that provide homeowners insurance also sell personal articles policies that you can purchase for your computer, even if you don’t carry any other policies with them. For a $2,000 computer, this policy costs less than $60- $100 per year. These policies usually provide coverage with limited to no deductible.

Michigan Personal Articles policies may not provide coverage for IPads or Electronic devices such as Kindles or Nooks. If you own a personal laptop it is recommended that you purchase this broader coverage to protect your laptop during while away from home.

What type of computer coverage is provided by your Michigan homeowners policy

Michigan homeowners or renters insurance policies will provide the same coverage’s for your computer that your home is covered for.  These coverages are for fire, smoke, lightning, theft, wind, vandalism or pipes freezing. Most Michigan homeowners companies will also limit this coverage under their policies for personal computers and software for $5000.  Any type of damage to your computer from drops, spills, or other accidental damage will not be covered under your Michigan Homeowners policy but would be covered under a Michigan Personal Articles Policy. Michigan Personal Articles Policy usually will not cover maintenance or normal wear and tear.

If you have an insurance company, call your agent to verify the details of what your computer is covered for. But, if you don’t have an insurance company and would like to make sure you are properly protected, a policy can be started with a phone call 248-888-1134 or you can click here to start a quote from a local Michigan insurance agent or to receive more information.

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