Michigan Teen Drivers

Tips to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Teen drivers in Michigan are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than adult drivers. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for them.  However, many of these incidents can be prevented. According to the National Teen Driver Survey, parents play an essential role in raising safe teen drivers. 

How Parents can help teen drivers

Teens whose parents set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations while being helpful and supportive are less likely to be in a crash. Here are some tips from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that parents can follow to help their teens stay safe:

  1. Set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations for your teen driver’s safety. Clear rules, boundaries, and expectations. 
  2. Explain the reasons behind the rules rather than just stating them.
  3. Ensure that the rules are in place for their safety and not to control them.
  4. Be responsive and listen to their concerns. 
  5. Reward responsible behavior with greater privileges. 
  6. Let them know they can count on you for help and support. 
  7. Lead by example and follow the rules of the road. 
  8. Pay attention to their whereabouts and provide alternatives to avoid unsafe driving situations.  

teen drivers support links

If you’re a parent in Michigan, two resources are available to help with your teen’s driver education and provide guidance if needed. Check out the Michigan teen drivers license requirements and the National Highway Traffic Safety websites for more information. Additionally, speaking with an insurance professional about safety programs can help teens become safer while saving their parents money.

Michigan teen driver-related injuries and deaths are preventable. What can parents do to help teen drivers be safer on the road?