What is Michigan Motorcycle Safety Information:

Michigan Motorcycle Safety Training Program is an important requirement in getting your Michigan motorcycle cycle endorsement for your license. Michigan’s program uses safety standards established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to ensure consistent and comprehensive training. 

Michigan safety tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation 

  • Take extra caution in checking blind spots, as a motorcycle may be hidden from sight by the body of your car or by objects such as bushes, fences, and bridges.
  • Motorcycles may appear to be going faster than the rest of the traffic, but don’t assume every motorcyclist is a speed demon.
  • Motorcyclists can slow down without activating the brake light. Turn signals may not cancel after a turn.
  • Allow greater distance between your car and a motorcycle for stopping and don’t assume turn signals mean they are going to turn again.
  • Motorcyclists often adjust their position in a lane so you can see them more quickly, avoid debris, or minimize the effects of passing vehicles. Don’t assume that this adjustment is a reckless maneuver. 

What you need for the Michigan Motorcycle Safety Course 

All motorcycle riders must take a knowledge test and complete a motorcycle safety class or pass a rider skills test to obtain a motorcycle endorsement: which is required to ride on public streets and highways legally. Successful completion of an approved course allows you to waive the rider skills test requirement. Persons who are required to complete a motorcycle rider safety training course include teens ages 16 and 17, and anyone 18 or older who has twice failed the rider skills test. 

Michigan motorcycle safety course requirements:

Click Link for Michigan Department of State Motorcyclist Training Site Locator

For your protection, all motorcycle safety courses require you to have the following:

  • DOT-approved helmet (still required for all classes, even though the helmet law has changed)
  • Long sleeve jacket or heavy shirt
  • Heavy duty long pants
  • Eye protection – goggles or glasses (required even with a face shield helmet)
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Boots: You must cover your ankles, and your boot must have a hard sole. You can’t wear high heels or high-top gym shoes.
  • Rain and cold weather gear, as needed
  • Pencil or pen
Other options to obtain Michigan Motorcycle Endorsement:
  • Visit a Secretary of State branch office to take the vision and written knowledge test and obtain a TIP. The cost for the TIP is $16.00.
  • Practice riding up to 180 days with an endorsed motorcyclist.
  • Schedule and pass the rider skills test.
  • Take skills test certificate to branch to obtain CY endorsement $16.00 (additional license fees may apply).

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