Choosing the Right Smoke Detector for your Michigan Home

Michigan Smoke DetectorWhich smoke detector is right for your Michigan home

In Michigan it has been a law since April 10, 2006, that building and homeowners must install a smoke detector in any structure constructed before November 6, 1974. Homes after this date have to comply with the codes of the individual cities.

Based on the size of your home, and the number of potential fire hazards, you should have at least one smoke detector in every occupied bedroom and for each level in your home including the basement. You should also choose the smoke detector type that best fits your needs.

There are two main smoke detector types, and each has a sensor that detects smoke and fires differently, depending on how the fire is started.

Two Types of Smoke Detector

  • Ionization Smoke Detector

The first smoke detector type, ionization alarms are generally more responsive to a fire that has started, according to the National Fire Protection Association. These alarms use “ions,” or electrically charged particles, to help detect smoke in the air. Ionization smoke detectors are slow at detecting slow-burning fires, which are caused by the most common types of fire starters such as lit cigarettes, bad electrical wires, and fireplace embers.

  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The second type of smoke detector is photoelectric, which uses a light beam to help detect the presence of smoke. According to NFPA, these alarm types are more effective at sounding when a fire originates from a smoldering source, like a lit cigarette that falls into a couch cushion. Smoldering fires may fill a home with dangerous gases before a fire ever erupts.

Each Smoke Detector will detect fires differently. A more expensive option if you have trouble deciding is to purchase a smoke alarm with dual-sensor devices. These detectors combine both ionization and photoelectric technologies in a single unit.

Smoke Detector maintenance

Most smoke alarms come equipped with a noise alert to let you know when their battery is low. The general rule is to stick to changing out the batteries annually.  You should change or check your batteries during daylight savings time. It is also recommended that you replace old detectors every ten years.

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