Michigan Drivers can now avoid points

Michigan Drivers will be able to avoid first traffic violation because the Secretary of State will not make the points or information from the ticket available to insurance companies for Michigan drivers who successfully complete the BDIC through an approved sponsor. This is an online course that allows Michigan drivers to avoid getting points on their license for minor traffic violations. Michigan Secretary of State’s new “Basic Driver Improvement Course” can be found by clicking Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course.

Michigan Drivers

The website is the result of a new state law that took effect Dec. 31, 2010, that allows drivers cited for offenses such as speeding, improper passing or disobeying a stop sign to qualify to have points kept from going on their driving record by completing a course.  You can order your Michigan driving record from the highlighted link.

Eligible drivers have 60 days to arrange for and pass the course and may retake it as many times as necessary within that time. The test provider sets the cost of the course and it can’t be more than $100.

Drivers are still responsible for paying fines and court costs involved in the traffic violation.

Michigan drivers can only take the course once to avoid points

A driver is not eligible if he or she:

  • Is it the 60-day period of course eligibility for a previous ticket.
  • Currently has already avoided points under the program.
  • If your license is restricted, suspended or revoked or if you were not issued a Michigan license.
  • If you have three or more points on your record.
  • Held a commercial driver license or was operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the ticket.
  • Received a ticket that is not eligible for the program.

Michigan drivers will benefit from having points off their record.

Click the link to see what happens if you have to participate in the Michigan Drivers Responsibility Program.  Drivers may incur additional fines if they accumulate More points on their driving record and drivers insurance will not go up if the points do not show up on their record.