Why fuse boxes are bad for Michigan homes

Chances are, either your home or the home of someone you know has a fuse box. Fuses function the same way breakers do to cut off power to prevent an overload in the electrical circuit. Both fuses and breakers can be very useful in protecting your home against electrical fire.

However, one problem that can arise with fuses is when someone inserts a fuse of higher amps than the circuit is able to handle. For example, a homeowner tires of replacing blown fuses and adds a 30-amp fuse where a 20-amp fuse should go, the 30-amp fuse allows more current into the circuit than the circuit was designed to accommodate. The fuse “blows,” indicating that the circuits have an overload. You must replace these as the fuse element may burn up, which could result in a fire.

If you have a fuse box, have an electrician inspect the wire size to make sure to install the proper fuse base. Use Type S fuses in aging fuse panels to prevent over fusing. Type S fuses are the only type that the National Electrical Code allows in new fuse box installations.

Whether you have a fuse box or a circuit breaker box, contact an electrician to see if your electrical service is sufficient. Years ago, 60-amp or 100-amp service wasn’t uncommon; but most families today have electrical appliances that demand more service. An electrician will show you if your home needs an update, most houses require a minimum of 200-amp service.

Electrical fires are all too frequent, and many homes in the U.S. need electrical updates. Please take whatever action necessary to update the electrical service in your home.

Michigan Insurance coverage for homes with Fuse Box

Because of all the problems that occur with a fuse box, insurance companies will often charge a premium for homes that don’t have circuit breaker boxes, or they will deny coverage for your home.  If your Michigan Home has been denied coverage due to a fuse box, click the link to learn how to get homeowner’s coverage. Buying a house with an old electrical box, you would do well to have the service upgraded to circuit breakers.    A typical service upgrade from a fuse to a circuit breaker system will be in the $750 – $1500 range.  The price will be higher if you need additional electrical wiring. 

Other Michigan Home Safety Issues

Finally, fuse box safety is essential. Click the highlighted link to find more articles on protecting your home with Michigan smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.