Michigan Insurance Tree coverage

There is coverage if a tree falls and hits your property. It needs to damage your house or other insured structures, such as a detached garage, shed, or fence.  Michigan homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for the damage the tree does to your property and the contents inside it. This coverage includes trees that have damage from wind, lightning, or hail.

You do now have to own the tree for there to be coverage.  Trees that fall because of wind or lightning damage will also have coverage as long as there is damage to your property. Michigan insurance companies do not investigate where a tree originally came from because in cases of hurricanes and strong winds, trees and branches can be from far away distances. In some cases, if the tree is on a neighbor’s property, the Michigan insurance company may try to collect from the neighbor’s insurance company in a process called subrogation. Usually, this will happen if the tree was in poor health or not properly maintained. They will reimburse your deductible when the insurance company collects from the other insurance company.

When will Michigan Insurance cover the removal of trees?

When a tree hits an insured structure, such as your house or garage, there is coverage for the cost of removing the tree, usually between $500 – $1,000, based on the type of insurance policy purchased. If the fallen tree did not hit an insured structure, there is generally no coverage for debris removal. However, if a tree falls due to neglect or inadequate maintenance, you may not receive any coverage. 

Standard home insurance policies also provide coverage for damage to trees and shrubs due to fire, lightning, explosion, theft, and vehicles not owned by the resident. Insurers will limit the coverage to about $500 for anyone tree, shrub, or plant. Trees and plants grown for business purposes require a separate business insurance policy and has no coverage under your Michigan homeowner’s coverage.

Michigan Insurance companies will not cover the removal of trees if there’s no damage to your property

Michigan Homeowners insurance usually will not cover the removal costs of fallen trees if there is no damage to any insured structures; in these situations, you will be responsible for the costs of tree removal. Check with your local city or municipality to determine who is responsible for a tree that falls into the street. If your city takes responsibility, they may remove the portion that’s in the road. Any of the tree that’s left on your property may be your responsibility.

Michigan car insurance is responsible for damage to your vehicle from fallen trees.

Car insurance and not your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of repairs if a tree hits your car. But, the tree doesn’t have to be from your property. You likely have coverage if a tree falls on your vehicle, no matter where. Your Michigan car policy may also cover the cost to remove the tree from atop your car. You will need to have comprehensive coverage on your Michigan car policy for there to be coverage. For more questions on the coverage under your Michigan auto policy, read the post Understanding Michigan Auto Insurance.

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