Leave a legacy in Michigan through charitable giving

Michigan charitable givingMichigan Charitable contributions help organizations such as schools, hospitals, museums, zoos, arts organizations, recreational facilities, and places of worship, they all strive to make the world a better place and to improve the quality of our everyday lives. Many, if not most, of these Michigan organizations are non-profit, which means they are supported primarily by public and private contributions. 

Contributing money to a charity organization is not only a generous act but also one that is extremely rewarding. You may want to make a more substantial contribution to a local organization or cause, but feel it would put a strain on your budget.

However, with a little planning, you can contribute a much larger gift than you ever thought possible in your lifetime. And you can do so with life insurance. Other options include remainder trusts, gift annuities, or wealth replacement trusts. Depending on the product you select, you can determine the amount of your yearly charitable contribution and use your annual contribution to purchase and pay for a life insurance policy. The charitable organization owns the policy and is the beneficiary of its proceeds. The organization may use dividends, borrow or withdraw cash values during the life of the policy to meet their organization’s goals.

Use Life Insurance to start a Charitable Program

Participating in a charitable life insurance program not only offers the opportunity to make a difference, but it is also a resourceful way to meet your charitable giving goals without putting a strain on your budget. Meet with your financial and legal advisors to discuss what options are available to you to accomplish your charity objectives.     

Get a Michigan life Insurance quote to start a charitable life insurance program to leave a legacy to the charity foundation of your choice.  Call 248-277-4505 or click the link for more information on the different life policies available to fund Michigan Charitable Giving and the various available Michigan life insurance programs.