Why you should protect  your home

According to the FBI, a burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. It’s a serious crime. The problem is many of us; we do not take steps to prevent burglaries from happening and make it easier for burglars to rob you. Imagine coming home to find that someone has broken into your home and stolen valuable items and ransacked your possessions. The feeling of devastation can be overwhelming for victims of burglary. Following these helpful steps will make sure that it will be harder for a burglar to break into your home. 

Steps to make your Michigan home a harder target for burglars:

  • Lock all outside doors before you leave or go to bed.
  • Lock all windows.
  • Leave a few lights on when you are not home.
  • Keep all garage doors closed and locked.
  • Don’t allow daily deliveries, like newspapers and mail, to pile up when you’re out of town. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick them up for you or arrange to have deliveries stopped until you return.
  • When you’re on vacation, arrange to have someone take care of your yard.
  • Push-button locks on doorknobs are easy for burglars to open. Install deadbolt locks on all your outside doors.
  • Sliding glass doors are an easy target for a burglar.  Special locks are available for better protection.

Steps to make the outside of your home safe from burglars:

  • Have adequate exterior lighting. Backyards should have a motion-sensitive light. 
  • Trim trees and shrubs so intruders cannot use them as hiding places.
  • Make sure your door hinges are on the inside.

Additional steps to stop burglars

  • Contact a locksmith for advice on pick-resistant locks for your doors, sliding glass doors, and windows.
  • Don’t leave keys under flower pots, doormats, or other “secret” hiding places – burglars know them all.
  • Keep a detailed inventory of all your possessions. Include a description of the item, date of purchase, original value, and any serial numbers. Creating a video can be helpful.
  • Invest in an alarm to protect your windows and doors.
Finally, be a good neighbor. If you notice anything suspicious in your neighborhood, contact the police immediately.
If you like our burglar’s tips, click the highlighted link for info on Michigan Alarm systems and how they can help you save on your homeowner’s insurance.