What to do after a Michigan auto accident

Michigan Auto AccidentAfter the auto accident, you should immediately check to make sure that you are not injured, and if you are, you should call 911 to request an ambulance.

Nextyou should turn on your hazard lights, or if it is safe to do so and have them, you can put out warning triangles or safety flares.

Move out of traffic if the accident is minor, and there aren’t any injuries. Move your auto to an area out of the flow of traffic, but close to the scene.

The fourth step, call the police if the police do not show up. Make sure that you exchange information with the other driver. After the accident, you can order a copy of the Michigan police report.

Finally, notify your insurance agent and report the information.

Michigan auto accident information your insurance company will need

What you should do is get the name, address, and phone number of the other driver. If the driver is not the owner, make sure you get the owner’s information.  You will also need the year, make, and model of the car, the license plate number, driver’s license of the driver, insurance carrier, and policy number.

Write down notes of what occurred.  Usually, an accident is a traumatic event, and things happen so quickly that you should take some time to write down how the accident occurred, including the damage and position of both cars.

Use your phone if you have one to take pictures of the scene and damage both cars.  Make sure that you are out of traffic while taking the photos.  You don’t want to get hit while documenting what happened.

Items you should keep in your car for emergencies:

Items that you should always have in your car in case of an auto accident:

  • Your insurance ID card
  • Your vehicle registration
  • Flashlight
  • Flares
  • First-aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Cell phone
  • Disposable camera unless you have a camera phone.

Finally, you will need to call your agent to report the auto accident and tow service.  If your agent does not provide this service, you can get a Michigan auto insurance quote from and agent online or call 248-277-4505 to talk to an agent that can provide this service for you.

If the other person does not have insurance, you will need to get their information.  Visit our link on What to do if you have a Michigan accident with an uninsured driver to determine what options are available to you.