Michigan home electrical surgesPrevent Michigan Electrical Surges

Electrical surges cause millions of dollars in damage to home appliances and electronics each year and, in most cases, this damage and inconvenience can be prevented. While lightning can cause some surges, but most are from other causes. Damaging electrical spikes occur when the voltage in your home’s electrical system increases and returns to normal within millionths of a second.

In many respects, we have become a “wired society.” Many of us have more than one television, DVD player, computer, microwave oven, automatic electric garage door openers, stereo components and on and on. A quick look around your home or apartment will likely reveal a number of electric and electronic devices plugged into the walls. And, in less time than it takes to blink your eye, these modern luxuries and conveniences could be gone.

An electrical device you really need

The best way to properly protect against power surges is to use a surge protector. Installed surge protection, combined with a good home grounding system should protect your electrical and electronic appliances from all but the most severe electrical surges. For the best protection from surges, install a surge protection device at the electrical meter or main electrical panel. Your utility company can install this device at your request. If your utility company doesn’t offer the service, a qualified electrician can perform the work.

In addition, surge protectors should be connected to each device to be protected. For computers, TVs or cable boxes, a multiport protector is needed to help prevent outside surges from causing damage through a phone or wired connection.

More than an inconvenience electronic components and microchips are now in most appliances, and they are sensitive to surges. The electrical windings in motors and even the insulation on wiring can be damaged by a surge. But there is more to be concerned about than the inconvenience of living temporarily without a phone, air conditioning or television.

Pumps and sump pumps can also fall prey to electrical surges.  You should have Back up batteries for these types of devices. Few of us could handle life without running water; none of us wants to deal with a flooded basement.

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